Monday, December 19, 2016

Trippy Gum lyric - Hinds

For just one night,
I didn't care about the line between dudes
Entering that bar not looking for anything good
They gave me a glass (Glass),
when was the last (Last) train you didn't want me to catch?
I've tried so hard, don't take that,
it blurred my own view...

There was lots of gin
There was lots of eyes on us
Wait me for a while
Because we were like...

For just that night, I saw this alien behind
Melting on the roof not cooking up anything good
And I was around, I was around
and your face was sticked to the ground
You've tried so hard, was I high?
Don't worry bamboo...

There was lot of gin
There was lot of eyes on us
Smoke that pose and hide,
we are trippy creepy floating over your land (Over you land)
Puking in the cab, praying for a gum...
Because we were like...